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Most of the wood that we use in our projects is from logs that we find locally in the Hudson Valley, from tree services, landowners and city tree departments.  We live in an area that was for thousands of years a continuous swathe of the Eastern Deciduous Forest, with an incredible diversity of tree and plant species including Black Walnut, White Oak, Black Cherry, White Ash and Elm. The remnants of that forest are all around us.  We do not take down trees for the purpose of making furniture, rather we source "dead and down" logs one at a time in urban and exurban areas, often rescuing them from becoming wood mulch or firewood. Typically the logs that we source are between 75-150 years old and greater than 24" in diameter.

A perishable material, wood must be processed carefully to avoid deterioration.  Log end grain must be sealed, bark removed carefully by hand, and piles stored off the ground and away from the sun.  We are very selective about logs that we take on - it is the beginning of a long-term relationship!